Me, you and life

September 27, 2023

(Let me break it down for you - ad lib)

No I’m not checked out

My consciousness at 100

I got my eyes open really

I try to feel everything deeply

At times I feel like I am the universe

Other times shit gets worse (too terse - ad lib)

but I got no complaints

My limits are only human

No matter how aware I become

It never gets easier

But it’s also always as fun

Our greatest enemy is the self

There’s no need for no gun

My own PoV is all I know

To the divinity of existence I bow

I have learnt to pick a stance

And also agree with the opposite man’s

Come sit with me

Let’s breathe together

This experience of being a human

We share together

No matter what culture

We got that vulture and that nurture

Between our differences and similarities

There is a place where we’re the same

I hope you learn to play the game

Hard realities gon hit you but don’t get too tame

We’re all trying to be and do our best

There’s no need to blame and shame

Get all that heavy shit off your chest

Don’t take it with you when you rest

In this life my friend we are only what we do

And to do more we need to let go

I hope you find your flow

Don’t you fret the wrinkles and blues

(Don’t sweat it nooooo, ad lib)

It’s important to let lose

Yes, life’s a mess

Take care of your self all the way through it

That is all you really have

Take what’s special in you to it’s max potential

Do the best you can for your people

The world needs you, that’s what’s real

Even if you got disagreements, don’t kick those who make you you

To go get it you have to first give it

Trust me (ya homie - ad lib), that’s the best way to live it

Don’t give yourself a chance to regret it

Count your blessings

Take the lord’s name

Give it all you’ve got

it’s a true blessing to get a chance to play the game

We got that will, agency, time

We’re all the best creations of the divine

  • Raunaq Singh

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Written by Raunaq Singh who loves Yoga, lives in Mumbai, is building & and is forever grateful for everything. You should follow them on Twitter