Dance of Destiny

November 02, 2023

The choices I take
The situations they make
Possibilities are mind bending
Yet, the likelihoods end up centring
In the dance of destiny
I am so mini

Options are skewed much
Though none create enduring happiness as such
Everyone has their struggles
Reality makes me chuckle
In the dance of destiny
There is no pretty penny

Will I get to meet you again?
How long until then?
All I can do is try to make the better choice
And calm the internal voice
In the dance of destiny
I don’t want my head spinning

Simplicity seems crude
I am too smart for my own good
In the passion for tomorrow
Today, I ignore
In the dance of destiny
I am just finite

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Written by Raunaq Singh who loves Yoga, lives in Mumbai, is building & and is forever grateful for everything. You should follow them on Twitter