September 27, 2023

Hey there blood
What’s good (it’s been a minute)
How has life been treating ya
Where ya stood

How’s Me ah yeah I’m good
Life ain’t too bad up in my hood
I’ve learnt to do just what I should

Ever think about what we could do
If we learnt to fight them demons
That be keeping us from being a real one

Sometimes I be remembering my grand ma
She was tough but knew how to love
She taught me how to pray and never let me think I’m not enough

Hope you sailing smooth bud
Sometime we could all do with a hug (haan homie)
Hope you find people to laugh and cry with
And things to do and live for

We all need them delusions, we ain’t no fuckin bug (yeah homie)

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Written by Raunaq Singh who loves Yoga, lives in Mumbai, is building Unwrangle.com & CustomerSense.io and is forever grateful for everything. You should follow them on Twitter