Infobesity, a poem

May 23, 2021

This is a poem I wrote on information overload in our digital age.

Information information

Why do I always want more?

I’m so busy with my phone

There’s no time to be a bore

This device enables me all power

With which I think I tower

Am I capable of using it though?

It keeps triggering me like dope

I’m too indulged to take note

For my kids when they shall come

Do you think there’s still hope?

Or will those whom our attention is sold to

Control the path towards which we will flow

Notifications hitting me

Like waves hit the shore

Shaping me, and I don’t know

Fooling me, I still want more

I think I’m using it

It’s my door

To consuming it all

That was unknown centuries ago

Maybe that’s true

I’m feeling your groove

But it’s also using me

And altering my innate capabilities to explore

Within me

Without seeking what it’d be

By going online again

Because why I gotta think?

When the Internet knows it all yo


This is the first time I have published a poem written by me. If you liked it, please let me know! My Twitter link is below, my Telegram is also raunaqss and my email is raunaqss at the good old hotmail dot com.

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Written by Raunaq Singh who loves Yoga, lives in Mumbai, is building & and is forever grateful for everything. You should follow them on Twitter